Danger Radio – Episode 39 w/ guest Andy Chase



Joining us by phone for the entire episiode is Andy Chase, singer and songwriter behind Brookville, Ivy & Paco, owner of the Unfiltered record label, co-owner of Stratosphere Sound, producer of bands like Trashcan Sinatras, Tahiti 80 & Juliana Hatfield. It’s a great show – hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Goodbye – Brookville
Legal Man – Belle and Sebastian
Let’s Go Surfing – The Drums
Unfair – Pavement
Summer Of Hate – Crocodiles
Heavy Metal – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
So Good – GoGoGo Airheart
Cinnamon Girl – Clearlake
When The Sun Goes Down – Arctic Monkeys
(No Title) – Ambulance Ltd
Sharron Apple – Airiel
Planet Telex – Radiohead
All You Ever Wanted – The Postmarks
Tess Don’t Tell – Ivy
Dreaming On – Brookville
Work Work Work (Pub Club Sleep) – The Rakes
It Returns – The Greenhornes

2 thoughts on “Danger Radio – Episode 39 w/ guest Andy Chase

  1. I dont have a comment for this set but wanted to say I absolutely play the hell out of 73 and 74. Just great music. I do recall that I liked the Christmas episode. About the time I figured that cool alternate station in Denver was gone but something really awesome survived. Ok I am from the east – it took awhile. Please keep it up! “Its a big day in the North”

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence – but why did you post all the way back here? I’ll have to check the Christmas episode – see what we had going. Thanks for listening!

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