WATCH and DOWNLOAD: The Bavarian Druglords (TBD) – “Leaf”

As far as I can tell, The Bavarian Druglords (TBD) are pretty much Syed Druglord and his sometimes drummer/collaborator.  Although TBD have Facebook and MySpace pages, information about the band is limited.  Most of what I learned was via Pete Cogle’s interview of Syed  from December of 2010.  Syed claims Detroit as his hometown, but is currently based in Brooklyn. He started his own record label, Kill Art Movement, for the single purpose of unleashing himself upon the world.

Although loosely fitting, Syed doesn’t especially like the terms psychedelic or shoegaze to describe his music.  Instead, he finds the term “hollowrock” more interesting than the former labels.  So what is hollow rock?  Check it out below.

Click here to download The Bavarian Druglords – “Leaf”

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2 thoughts on “WATCH and DOWNLOAD: The Bavarian Druglords (TBD) – “Leaf”

  1. For the sake of ‘hollow rock’s’ definition, I’ll allow the ping-back. The utterly shameless title of your webpage says enough about your reviewing technique. Preach to someone who cares…

  2. I’m just going to mention, as it might not be clear from a casual reading, that I like The Bavarian Druglords, and I think that many of you will like them too. Syed says that he is influenced by bands like The Stone Roses and Oasis, and I know that many of the podcast listeners and website readers like these bands as well.

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