Episode 150 with Jon Sutcliffe of SULK – Danger Radio Podcast

Playlist for episode was curated by Jon Sutcliffe of SULK, who was also nice enough to chat with us throughout the episode. If you’re not familiar with SULK – you clearly aren’t listening to our podcast often enough. A video for their song “Back In Bloom” is below the playlist.

Waitin Around To Die – Townes Van Zandt’
Good Morning – Dandy Warhols
Just Everything – Towns
Ride – Fractures
I Will Believe – Oasis
Line up – Elastica
Mallory – The History Of Apple Pie
For Love – Lush
A to Fade In – Adorable
I Just Wanna Be – Born Blonde
One Step – Sheen
Lights Down Low – Everything By Electicity
Kick the Tragedy – Drop nineteens

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