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Robbie Williams Uses Both Sides Of His Mouth

Suede has managed to revive a bit of interest in themselves amongst the general public by returning with a decent record. Robbie Williams has managed to pique mine by being a blowhard.

Recently, Robbie has taken to his blog to remind us that boy bands are ok. I’m going to say something nice about him now so I can get it out of the way. He’s been known to be charitable, and been known to like his football. What he hasn’t been known for is knocking out work on an indie label budget. He seems to have a much different recollection of the 90’s than I as well.

Rob tries to tell us that somehow Brett Anderson’s quote stating that a lack of money at labels (“the music industry”) created a crisis is erroneous. If I remember correctly, the 1996 Telecommunications Act created a massive consolidation of media ownership. Labels began folding like so many lawn chairs. However, it started earlier than that, with the overrated “genius” of Kurt Cobain and the unrealistic scramble to sign the next Nirvana. I’m going to save that argument for a later date as a possible counterpoint to Kitty’s post (although agreeing with much of the sentiment).

The second problem I have with Williams is that he managed to call out a slew of bands that have a catalog much more worthy of being celebrated than his own. This list included Ride, Echobelly, Chapterhouse, Curve, Adorable, and Kingmaker. I could go on at length about how ridiculous this is, but I’ll just let his idiocy stand alone.

To really put a bow on things, Robbie can be quoted online in the NME saying “Where are the Billy Braggs and The Clashes?” You’re joking, right Robbie? People buying Robbie Williams records ARE the reason for the mass apathy you “muse” about. Your soliciting for a “band” like One Direction is an example of your own apathy (or maybe a better example would be your own albums). What I truly can’t understand, is how this man manages to draw the necessary amount of air to breathe while talking out of both sides of his mouth. I have no doubt that people will be more likely to reach into their record collections 2o years from now and put on a Curve album with no embarrassment. I cannot say the same for Take That or Robbie Williams. In fact, go ahead do it now!

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