Blur live at the Mercury Cafe in Denver - 1996

Blur – Live at the Mercury Cafe in Denver – Feb. 1, 1996

Our friend Phil recently posted this gem while he was prepping himself for his visit to Coachella. I was in the Mercury Cafe when this happened… this fantastic show by Blur. I wasn’t in the room where it was taking place though. A conman had convinced my roommates that he worked for Virgin – and being that my roommates were aspiring musicians it was an easy con – and in exchange for letting him couch surf in our house for a couple of days would ensure our entry into the show. While I can cite several instances as being this man’s lone detractor (that is until he disappeared in the middle of the night with several items belonging to my roommates at which point everyone got on board) I must have believed him enough to not bother securing my own tickets. Here is what appears to be the full video of that very show…. see how smart I am? Only had to wait 18 years and I got to see the show for free.

Tracy Jacks
It Could Be You
Charmless Man
End Of A Century
Oily Water
Mr. Robinson’s Quango
To The End
She’s So High
Globe Alone

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