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The Dave Grohl Meme About The Kids

“Since when did it become cool to become part of the establishment?” This question was posed to me by a friend walking across our university alma mater’s campus during the 2004 presidential election. The wash of Bush/Cheney signs from dorm room windows was simply soul crushing. However, by 2004 this wave of late teen/early twenties capitulation and “my dad is my best friend” culture had been firmly entrenched. The time had long passed since the need for a true counterculture in the US would wedge itself into the discourse via the youth.

In the Dave Grohl meme making the rounds on facebook, Dave Grohl rightly romanticizes his garage days in Nirvana. Where kids who couldn’t cover Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” turned it into “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and created a generation of hippies without a conscience (let’s just call grunge what it was, Pearl Jam’s fight with ticketmaster not withstanding). Dave was in a position to do something about it. He could have railed against the whitewashing of media and the Clear Channel hegemony. He didn’t. Instead, he wrote albums with the Foo Fighters that sit nicely next to everyone’s Dave Matthews Band cds. This ushered in what everyone was waiting for… Mesh trucker hats and sweatbands. Not to mention, Nirvana never really got beyond what Dave self-describes as sucking. While I agree with the spirit of Kitty’s article, I disagree with the lens and history it promotes. Grunge wasn’t the last rebellious/arch/counterculture. It sucked. It said next to nothing… Just like Dave Grohl.

Dave Grohl Meme
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I find it rich, that a meme using the words and visage of Dave Grohl is touching a nerve with people looking for something better from music. This is the same man who has lauded “Gangham Style” and chosen to play awards shows. Sorry Dave, you are only tangentially removed from the American Idol and The Voice “artists” you’re complaining about because you play an actual instrument. What’s really striking, is that this meme is being used by people I thought knew better. This is Dave Grohl, he sits around with Robbie Williams┬álistening to pop pap while at the same time lamenting the fact that there aren’t people out there doing the heavy lifting of change for them. Dave Grohl got rich off of a generation of apathy and establishment, and just now he’s got a problem?

I’d like to remind Dave Grohl and others who jumped all over this quote, that we are going to need the internet. We’re going to need every weapon in our arsenal to combat the behemoths of media we’ve allowed to grow. It’s beyond just getting in a garage (that’s the spirit, but it’s not the blood). Dave Grohl’s little whine about TV shows and generations (see y and millenials) of instant celebrity and zero work ethic may be correct in spirit, but totally misses the mark. I certainly don’t want him speaking for me, and I can’t figure out why anyone else would.

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4 thoughts on “The Dave Grohl Meme About The Kids

  1. Wow. A fairly sustained ad hominem attack on someone who is the victim of a a randomly lifted quote. Nice work.

  2. Was I too harsh on a pop star? Don’t worry about the randomly lifted quote. That was just the excuse to write. Dave Grohl is guilty of much worse concerning music than just his hypocrisy.

    Are we that frail that there is no place in rock for ad hominem? Plus it wasn’t aimed at just Dave..

  3. …not to mention that Grohl joined Nirvana after the success of ‘Bleach,’ after the ‘Nevermind’ demos had been recorded, when they were already courting major label deals. So while “that’s exactly what happened with Nirvana,” he wasn’t a part of it. Dude is famous because he was aligned with a band that was already set up to be very popular.

  4. Honestly, this is one of my all time favorite speeches. I think the overall message is this:

    “But, I like to think that what the world heard in Nirvana’s music was the sound of three human beings, three distinct personalities, their inconsistencies and their imperfections proudly on display for everyone to hear. Three people that had been left to their own devices their entire lives to find THEIR voices. It was honest. It was pure. And It was real.”

    Anyway, suck is subjective. And “Smells Like Teen Spirit” will always bring back fuzzy memories of being seventeen and cruising the main drag back home after high school football games. Artistic value . . . I don’t know: I’m not a music expert. I just know it makes me smile.

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