Review – Splashh’s “Comfort”

Splashh’s “Comfort” is a solid record. This is not the first time Splashh have been promoted by YourMusicIsAwful, they’ve made multiple podcast playlists. This has gone down largely due to the strength of “All I Wanna Do“. A track that both Tyler and myself enjoy. While Tyler hasn’t gone deeper into the catalog… I took the plunge.

Much like Swim Deep, I was worried that if I scratched the surface I wouldn’t find much underneath. Their facebook┬ápage is usually updates of the band pulling faces before, during, or after drinking. I wouldn’t expect less from 20 something rock n rollers. However, I gave them a pass on the aesthetics because the image fit the tunes. The summer-ish tone of the record, coupled with the Kinky Wizards┬ávocal styling lends itself to the boyish-school just got out feel. This may have to do with the bands Kiwi/Aussie/English make-up, or their need to create sunny music as an escape from Hackney. Either way, it works. They don’t seem out to push any musical boundaries, but simply do what they do well. Which seems to be such a tall order for most.You may be inclined to their sound whether you’re looking for surf rock, shoegaze, or straight-forward indie rock.

The 11 (10 plus bonus) track record easily has 5 singles, and I’ll leave it up to you to figure out to which tracks do I refer. In this day and age of simply having a decent single, mediocre follow-up, and an album’s worth of filler, Splashh (and I know we all share the same hope that the extra ‘h’ is a legal necessity) have rendered “Comfort” an effort worthy of your cash. If you’re stingy, “Sun-Kissed Bliss” has been offered as a free download, but note that if you’re in the US it is the “bonus” track. So just splurge, blow your allowance and pick up the entire album.

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