Joe Strummer is dead. Long live Joe Strummer.

I was driving into work on Morrison road to Alameda, listening to talk radio. The CBS newscast was running through the top headlines – then the announcer said “They called him ‘Strummer’‚Ķ.” followed by an announcement of the death of Joe Strummer. A hero of mine and an icon of strength that this soft generation of religious, bearded pseudo folk singers will never adopt nor replace – because, as a¬†generation, they aren’t in touch with what their own strength and anger can do when combined together. When they’ve been systematically degraded, they choose to accept a stipend from their parents or work for pennies rather than demanding jobs and wages and a future that rewards them for contributing. Rather than fighting, they’ve chosen passive acceptance. History is repeating but it’s a world where Joe Strummer is dead.

“Let fury have the hour. Anger can be power – to know that you can use it.”

Long live Joe Strummer!

(And let’s pretend he never worked with Long Beach Dub All-Stars.)

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