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About YourMusicIsAwful

We don’t fuck around when it comes to music. Your Music Is Awful is the culmination of years of varied experiences of four savvy people. No matter what walk of life the contributors of YMIA have found themselves a part of, music has always been at the forefront. At any point in the past two decades that could have meant opening for New Order, being on-air talent for Indie 101.5 FM, having the best Indie and Dance night in Denver, or fronting your own band.

The goal here is to weed you past the glut of mediocrity, rail against what is being propped up beyond its value, and lead you to the next band you’ll fall in love with. Welcome to our blog. We’re not being ironic; Your Music Is Awful.

About Danger Radio Podcast

Danger Radio is a weekly podcast. The show is hosted and programmed by Tyler “Danger” Jacobson and, co-host, Jake Ryan.

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Tyler “Danger” Jacobson is one of the founding members of Denver 3 who have brought Denver LIPGLOSS every Friday night since 2001. He’s DJ’d with and for some of the most notable names in the business. You can catch him and/or his co-host Jake Ryan live every once in a while. Look for “Upcoming Appearances” on the right hand rail. –>

Jake Ryan may be the smarter of the duo, but his expertise isn’t in self promotion so this is gonna be quick and to the point. Jake has great taste in music and is one of the founding members behind Split, a night he and Tyler shared in the summer of 2010.

Danger Radio left terrestrial radio in 2009 when Indie 101.5 ceased to broadcast, but has remained the last living element of the station through a weekly podcast.