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Danger Radio Podcast Episode 181

Episode 181 – Danger Radio Podcast


Part III of our episode from the private Casual event.

If you want to catch up on the full night and count how many times we played Happy Mondays vs. how many times we played Super Furry Animals, you can listen to Part I here and listen to Part II here.

Peace – Lovesick
Happy Mondays – W.F.L.
Franz Ferdinand – Outsiders
Altered Images – Happy Birthday
Belle & Sebastian – Legal Man
The Primitives – All The Way Down (Beat Version)
Lush – De-Luxe
The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make?
The Pixies – Dancing The Manta Ray
Inspiral Carpets – Commercial Rain
Ian Brown – My Star
Deltron – Positive Contact
The Dandy Warhols – We Used To Be Friends
Echo & The Bunnymen – Bedbugs & Ballyhoo
Happy Mondays – Step On
Top – Number One Dominator
Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart
T. Rex – 20th Century Boy

Danger Radio Podcast Episode 180

Episode 180 – Danger Radio Podcast with Tyler Jacobson and Jake Ryan


Part II of our DJ set from a living room in Denver’s Baker Neighborhood. Part 1 is over here.

Run For Our Lives – The Morning After Girls
My Rising Star – Northside
The Right Thing Right – Johnny Marr
Flashlight Fight – The Go! Team
The Placid Casual – Super Furry Animals
Dennis And Lois – Happy Mondays
Sleeping Beauty (The Porters Remix) – Sulk
Polar Bear – The Charlatans
Loosely Dancing – The Twang
Octopus – Bloc Party
Breather – Chapterhouse
Supersonic – Oasis
I Want To Touch You – Catherine Wheel
There’s No Other Way – Blur
Head On – The Jesus & Mary Chain

Danger Radio Podcast Episode 179

Episode 179 – Danger Radio Podcast with Tyler Jacobson and Jake Ryan


What’s this? A new episode? With both Tyler and Jake? Has it really been so close to a year since that happened? Will it be this way on the regular? Who can say? (So many questions…. so many god damn questions…. )

Erica Beegle is a wonderful person with a T.Rex tattoo on her arm – she also tends bar at the Meadowlark and is a large reason that we bring Casual there more often than not – ¬†on the irregular basis when we do it. When asked what she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted her party to be Tyler and Jake playing one of our “Casual” sets. How could we say no?

Picture a living room – lights off, strobes on, ¬†trippy projections occupying a portion of wall above a lit fireplace, a makeshift DJ booth… these are the sounds of those moments…. 5 – 6 hours deep – so we’ll have at least a few podcasts to work through the evening. Here’s the first of those episodes – starting at the top of the evening.

Slow Life – Super Furry Animals
Killing of a Flash Boy – Suede
Three Girl Rhumba – Wire
The Classical – The Fall
Digital – Joy Division
Contact – Godzuki
Double Rocker – Stereolab
Impact – Saloon
Boogie Woogie/ Rock’N’Roll – Komeda
Crocus – Gypsy Death and You
Anybody Silent – Miniatures
See You – The History of Apple Pie
What You Were – The Drums
All I Wanna Do – Splashh
Diamonds in Ashes – Sulk
Weekender – Flowered Up
Mad Cyril – Happy Mondays


Episode 178 – Danger Radio Podcast


Jake makes it happen once again – this time w/ guest St. Lenny of Suffolk. Yeah, you know Lenny.

Half Man Half Biscuit – Joy Division Oven Gloves
Primal Scream – 2013
Wild Nothing – Shadow
Cheatahs – The Swan
Pond – Hobo Rocket
Tim Burgess – White
The Duckworth-Lewis Method – Sticky Wickets
Peace – Lovesick
The Fall – Hit The North
I Break Horses – Winter Beats
The Vaccines – Melody Calling
British Sea Power – Machineries of Joy
Toy – Colours Running Out
Merchandise – In Nightmare Room
Melody’s Echo Chamber – Crystallized
Franz Ferdinand – Right Action


Episode 177 – Danger Radio Podcast


Alright – enough of this hiatus business. Jake decides to take things into his own hands and get back to it.


Temples – Shelter Song
Swim Deep – Crush
Deep Sea Arcade – Seen No Right
Miniatures – Midwinter Air
History of Apple Pie – See You
Charlatans – Autograph
Sulk – Diamonds In Ashes
Console Warriors – Sodapop Swing
Last Dinosaurs – Andy
Morning After Girls – Run For Our Lives
Kitchens of Distinction – Quick As Rainbows
The Black Ryder – To Never Know You
Curve – Cherry
Splashh – Feels Like You
Blur – Young & Lovely
Super Furry Animals – The Man Don’t Give A F***

Danger Radio Podcast Episode 176

Episode 176 – Danger Radio Podcast


It’s a new episode of the Danger Radio Podcast! This may be the best one yet. We’ve got a load of new tracks mixed in with some absolute classics. Give it a listen.

The Laurels – Endeavor
Verbal Kint’s Gone – Doomsday Killer
Echo & The Bunnymen – Do It Clean
Parlour Flames – Manchester Rain
The Mighty Lemon Drops – Out Of Hand
Sulk – If You Wonder
Lilys – Any Several Sundays
Pete Fij & Terry Bickers – Betty Ford
Welcome Pariah – Neither Here Nor There
Johnny Marr – New Town Velocity
The Dandy Warhols – The Last High
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – When Joker’s Attack
Elephant Stone – Setting Sun
Division of Laura Lee – Rudderless
Weepikes – Nothing But A Soar
Throwing Muses – Fish
The Pixies – Alec Eiffel
Joy Division – Warsaw
Clearlake – Far Away

Episode 175 – Danger Radio Podcast


Danger Radio Podcast episode 175

The Right Thing Right – Johnny Marr
The Sea – Swim Deep
Silver Rays – Django Django
Some Kind – The History of Apple Pie
Autograph – The Tears
Edward Said – The Sleepover Disaster
Midwinter Air – Miniatures
Run For Our Lives – The Morning After Girls
Page One – The Charlatans UK
The Devil Won’t Take You – Deep Sea Arcade
Out – Charmin’ Children
Break My Heart – La Sera
My Finest Hour – The Sundays
Give It A Try – The Ocean Blue
Mad Cyril – Happy Mondays
Close Range – New Order

Episode 174 – Danger Radio Podcast


Danger Radio Podcast Episode 174
Splashh – Sun Kissed Bliss
Clearlake – Let Go
Helio Sequence – Tomorrow Never Knows (Live at the Walnut Room, Denver)
Johnny Marr – Upstarts
The London Suede – Hit Me
Sulk – Flowers
New Order – Working Overtime
Billy Bragg – A Lover Sings
The Black Ryder – Gone Without Feeling
Dressy Bessy – California
The Soundcarriers – Out Of Place
Lush – De-Luxe
The Greenhornes – It Returns
The Delgados – Big Business In Europe
Super Furry Animals – The Placid Casual
The Stone Roses – (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister

Episode 173 feat. Jon from SULK with EXCLUSIVE SULK TRACK


keep_calm_featured173Jon Sutcliffe, lead singer of SULK, joins us once again and this time he’s brought an exclusive edit of SULK’s “End Time.” More details on their forthcoming album, “Graceless”, are buried in the episode as well.

Ride – Birdman
Elastica – Line Up
Charlatans – Happen To Die (Long Version)
The Telescopes – Celeste
Drop Nineteens – Winona
SULK – End Time Danger Mix
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – When Jokers Attack
Exit Calm – Rapture
The People’s Revolutionary Choir – The Breeze That Blows
The Lucy Show – Melody
The Field Mice – Emma’s House
Julian Cope – Head Hang Low
The Verve – A Man Called Sun
Suede – Sleeping Pills
SULK – Flowers – Get this track for free from SULKTHEBAND.COM


Episode 172 – Danger Radio Podcast



Cibo Matto – Je T’Aime, Moi Non Plus
The Laurels – Manic Saturday
Splashh – All I Wanna Do
Django Django – Waveforms
Deep Sea Arcade – The Devil Won’t Take You
Nashville Ramblers – The Trains
Camera Obscura – Eighties Fan
Dive – Geist
Grooms – Skating with Girl
British Sea Power – No Lucifer
Trashcan Sinatras – I Must Fly
Shack – Mood Of The Morning
The Impossible Shapes – Our Love Lives
The Go! Team – Friendship Update
Pulp – Yesterday