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Video: Johnny Marr – The Messenger

On a short list of my heroes – and I suspect Jake Ryan’s as well -, former Smiths guitarist, Johnny Marr is sure to land. His track record for being around (and likely the cause of) the worst period of every band he’s been a part of since The Smiths*, excluding his own projects (Electronic, Johnny Marr & The Healers), does little to tarnish his legacy with me.

The man not only embodies “cool” and always has, but he also emotes through his instrument. While Johnny Marr & The Healers’ “Boomslang” wasn’t the most amazing album, it certainly had it’s high points. The last I heard of any Johnny Marr solo stuff – I believe it was in the context of being a follow up to Boomslang with The Healers – but here we have it, no Healers… Johnny Marr’s new track, The Messenger.

Sounds like a bit of Tame Impala – as more than a few things do these days. It lacks big hooks but it’s a really enjoyable listen. Press play on the video and enjoy.

*I can’t blame him for The The, as Matt Johnson’s head seemed to be working it’s way up his ass following Mind Bomb, but there’s no excuse for what he did during his time with Modest Mouse or The Cribs. In their defense, when Johnny Marr joins your band and offers to contribute, how can you say no?