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Danger Radio Podcast Episode 176

Episode 176 – Danger Radio Podcast


It’s a new episode of the Danger Radio Podcast! This may be the best one yet. We’ve got a load of new tracks mixed in with some absolute classics. Give it a listen.

The Laurels – Endeavor
Verbal Kint’s Gone – Doomsday Killer
Echo & The Bunnymen – Do It Clean
Parlour Flames – Manchester Rain
The Mighty Lemon Drops – Out Of Hand
Sulk – If You Wonder
Lilys – Any Several Sundays
Pete Fij & Terry Bickers – Betty Ford
Welcome Pariah – Neither Here Nor There
Johnny Marr – New Town Velocity
The Dandy Warhols – The Last High
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – When Joker’s Attack
Elephant Stone – Setting Sun
Division of Laura Lee – Rudderless
Weepikes – Nothing But A Soar
Throwing Muses – Fish
The Pixies – Alec Eiffel
Joy Division – Warsaw
Clearlake – Far Away

Episode 174 – Danger Radio Podcast


Danger Radio Podcast Episode 174
Splashh – Sun Kissed Bliss
Clearlake – Let Go
Helio Sequence – Tomorrow Never Knows (Live at the Walnut Room, Denver)
Johnny Marr – Upstarts
The London Suede – Hit Me
Sulk – Flowers
New Order – Working Overtime
Billy Bragg – A Lover Sings
The Black Ryder – Gone Without Feeling
Dressy Bessy – California
The Soundcarriers – Out Of Place
Lush – De-Luxe
The Greenhornes – It Returns
The Delgados – Big Business In Europe
Super Furry Animals – The Placid Casual
The Stone Roses – (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister

Episode 173 feat. Jon from SULK with EXCLUSIVE SULK TRACK


keep_calm_featured173Jon Sutcliffe, lead singer of SULK, joins us once again and this time he’s brought an exclusive edit of SULK’s “End Time.” More details on their forthcoming album, “Graceless”, are buried in the episode as well.

Ride – Birdman
Elastica – Line Up
Charlatans – Happen To Die (Long Version)
The Telescopes – Celeste
Drop Nineteens – Winona
SULK – End Time Danger Mix
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – When Jokers Attack
Exit Calm – Rapture
The People’s Revolutionary Choir – The Breeze That Blows
The Lucy Show – Melody
The Field Mice – Emma’s House
Julian Cope – Head Hang Low
The Verve – A Man Called Sun
Suede – Sleeping Pills
SULK – Flowers – Get this track for free from SULKTHEBAND.COM


Episode 130 – Danger Radio Podcast


Primal Scream – Little Death
Northside – Wishful Thinking
Good Shoes – Small Town Girl
The Go! Team – Voice Yr Choice
Mark Ronson Featuring Kasabian – L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)
Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down
Klaxons – The Bouncer
Bromheads Jacket – Trip To The Golden Arches
Sennen – Age Of Denial
Wolf Ram Heart – Viewgirls
Apryl Fool – ‘The Lost Mother Land (Part 1)’
Shack – Stranger
The Verve – All In The Mind
Clearlake – Winterlight

Episode 129 – Danger Radio Podcast


Nothing But The Sky – Ivy
Back In Bloom – Sulk
Shallow – The Catherine Wheel
Gone Without Feeling – The Black Ryder
Our Bovine Public – The Cribs
Out – Charmin’ Children
Lenny Valentino – The Auteurs
Bulldog Baby – Echobelly
Coast Is Clear (Live In Manchester ’91) – Curve
Upper East Side – Experimental Aircraft
The Cedar Room – Doves
Money – The Drums
Crocus – Gypsy Death and You
Wide Open Space – Mansun
Vertigo – Overcasters
Heads Will Roll – Echo & The Bunnymen
I Will See You In Far Off Places – Morrissey

Episode 128 – Danger Radio Podcast


Hearts In Space – Shores Of Time
Cameras – I Know
Midnight Movies – Love Or A Lesson
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Borderline
The Horrors – Suffragette City
Little Barrie – Surf Hell
The Greenhornes – It Returns
Dum Dum Girls – Just a Creep
Reigning Sound – Shaw
The Deadbeats – Loafin’
The Soundcarriers – Time Will Come
Lilys – Touch the Water
Pulp – My Legendary Girlfriend
Grooms – Skating with Girl
The Beta Band – To You Alone
Pirate Love – Laughing Gas

Episode 127 – Danger Radio


Atlas Sound – Walkabout
Marion – The Smile
The Railway Children – Gentle Sound
The Curtain Society – Marigold Girl
The Depreciation Guild – Dream About Me (album version)
Gliss – Kissing The Blvd.
Curve – Already Yours
London Blackmarket – Checkmate
Metric – Gimme Sympathy
Riverside – Genuine
Citrus Groove – Sympathy
Bradford – Gang of One
Rollerskaters – Boyhood
Shed Seven – Mark
The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead (Live) – Rank
Jarvis Cocker – Running The World
Super Furry Animals – The Man Don’t Give A Fuck

Episode 126 – Danger Radio


GoGoGo Airheart – November, November
Sulk – Back In Bloom
Ride – Today
Oasis – I Can See It Now
The Dandy Warhols – Ride
APTEKA – Striking Violet
Jupe Jupe – Suspicion
The Weather Prophets – Almost Prayed
The Vipers – Tears (Only Dry)
Hospital Ships – Love or Death
The Concretes – Lonely As Can Be
The Walkmen – Tenleytown
Wolf Ram Heart – Viewgirls
Spiritualized – Angel Sigh
Bromheads Jacket – Trip To The Golden Arches
Gangcharger – Vapor
brakesbrakesbrakes – Two Shocks

Episode 125 – Danger Radio Podcast


Recorded at the Bardo Coffee House with members of Sauna, Hindershot & Wire Faces. These 3 bands, plus The Kissing Party & Accordion Crimes will be playing this Saturday at “Denver Does CBGB’s” at the Hi-Dive. Your very own Tyler Jacobson, will be providing some classic tunes in between the bands.


Nick Heyward – Stars In Her Eyes
The Sleepover Disaster – Funnel Cloud
Doves – The Greatest Denier
The Horrors – Changing The Rain
The Jesus and Mary Chain – Just Like Honey
The Black Ryder – To Never Know You
The Morning After Girls – Shadows Evolve
Gypsy Death and You – Crocus
The Charlatans – Autograph
SULK – Marian Shrine
Hindershot – Curse Us All
SAUNA – Glitter Party
The Kissing Party – Racing Alone
Accordion Crimes – Acadamy
Wire Faces – Visage
Airiel – Kiss Me Slowly

Episode 124 – Danger Radio Podcast


The Jam – Pretty Green
Carbon/Silicon – Caesars Palace
The Boo Radleys – Vegas
Sleeper – Vegas
Dressy Bessy – Big Vacation
Kitchens Of Distinction – Jesus Nevada
The Fall – Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
Stone Roses – Made of Stone
The Names – Night Shift
Kaiser Chiefs – I Can Do It Without You
The Pastels – Couldn’t Care Less
Vivian Girls – Damaged
Super Furry Animals – The Placid Casual
King Khan & The Shrines – I Wanna Be A Girl
Golden Triangle – Jinx
Clearlake – Far Away
The Wrong Words – Cross The Line
XTC – Respectable Street
Hot Robots – Travel